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We offer a large selection of choices which include natural colors, enhanced colors and even some rubber mulch options!

Enhanced Color Options: Bright Red, Black, Dark Brown

Natural Hardwood Options: Double Processed Hardwood, Triple Processed Hardwood, Hardwood Fines

Rubber Mulch Color Options: Dark Brown, Blue, Green, Redwood, Black, Uncoated Black

Key Benefits of Service

  • Mulch acts as a insulation layer that helps protect your plants from damage that can be caused by hot or┬ácold weather.
  • Mulch helps prevent weeds and unwanted growth in your garden beds.
  • As mulch breaks down and decomposes it adds fertility to the soil.
  • A good mulch layer will hold moisture and help keep soils damp.
  • Laying mulch in your garden beds will help to avoid soil erosion and compaction.
  • Fresh mulch dresses up everyone’s landscape!